Granite City Food & Brewery offers brunch buffet

Too hungry to wait for lunch? Go on, grab brunch!

In our kitchen today, Executive Chef Quinton Snow, Granite City Food & Brewery, shares a “sampling” of what they have to offer!

*Granite City Food & Brewery is a polished casual restaurant with an on-site brewery. The on-site brewery, with award-winning hand crafted micro-brews, is visible from the main dining and bar areas.

*Chef developed, handcrafted made-from-scratch cuisine, including innovative signature entrees, flatbreads and more

*Brunch Buffet every Sunday 10a-2pm, Adults $17.99 and children $6.99(different prices for holiday Brunch, like  Easter, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’Day)

*We serve lunch M-F 11am-4pm

*We brew our beer in house and use it for our recipes

*New chef’s features every month to go with seasonal beer of the month

*We are currently celebrating Granite City Irish Fest

*Irish inspired Chef Features for March

*All Food has a beer pairing

*We can host large parties and have 3 Private Dining Rooms

Cajun Pasta

Cajun Sauce:

1.75 qt. half and half

1.75 qt. heavy cream

.8 c. veggie stock

.8 tsp. granulated garlic

.3 cup chopped garlic

1.75 T kosher salt

.4 tsp. nutmeg

2.25 oz. corn starch

.3 c. water

1..15 lb. shredded parmesan cheese

1 can (1.4 qt.) roasted red pepper

.5 c. chipotle peppers

.25 c. roasted garlic


Combine both creams in large stock pot on medium heat, bring to simmer.

Add stock, next add chopped and granulated garlic, salt, nutmeg, mix well with wire whisk.

Continue to simmer, stirring regularly to avoid scorching. simmer until sauce reaches 185-190 degrees.

In separate bowl mix corn starch and water, while stirring add in the mixture, continue stirring until sauce thickens

slowly add parmesan cheese while stirring, continue to simmer until cheese is melted, once melted turn off heat.

combine roasted garlic, red peppers, and chipotle peppers, puree until smooth using stick blender

Stir mix in, place in container for storage and refrigerate.

Cajun Pasta:

1 oz. blended oil heated, add 4 oz. andouille sausage sautee briefly add 4 oz. red onion, red pepper and green pepper blend, and  4 oz. chicken and 1 oz. butter and blacken seasoning , 6 oz. Cajun sauce. Heat sauce until hot, add 8 oz. penne pasta s and p simmer briefly, garnish with parmesan, tomato, parsley, and blacken seasoning on the rim. Served with garlic bread.

Salmon Salad 

Citrus Vinaigrette:

2.5 lemon each

1 T. kosher salt

1.5 c. sugar

1.25 c. whole grain mustard

1.25 c. sherry vinegar

1.5 T. minced shallots

.5 c. lemon juice from lemon

.75 c. chopped garlic

2.5 qt. blended oil


Zest lemon, reserve zest for later. juice through strainer.

add kosher salt, mustard, sherry, shallots, lemon juice, and chopped garlic

blend well to mix all ingredients.

using a stick blender on high speed slowly add oil to incorporate

fold in zest,  place dressing in container, store in fridge.

Candied pecan:

.5 lb. butter

1/8 c. water

.25 T Sirachi sauce

1.25 lb. pecan


Combine water, sugar, sirachi, to a pot. Bring to simmer, add pecans, stir to coat. spread on sheet tray with deli paper, place in 200 degree oven, check every 15 minutes until dry, remove cool at room temp.

Salad Mixture:

Arcadian spring mix, citrus vinaigrette, cucumber, onion, cherry tomato, candied pecans, and blue cheese crumble on top of salmon.


Salmon is cooked to desired temp with blackened seasoning and s and p.