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Whiteland police search for suspects who robbed clerk at gunpoint

WHITELAND, Ind. (WISH) — Chilling video from inside a convenience store shows a clerk being robbed at gunpoint while his wife was forced to lie on the floor and listen. The suspects fired multiple shots.

It happened early Wednesday morning at the Circle K at the intersection of Tracy Road and US 31.

Surveillance cameras captured the woman screaming. She had stopped by her husband’s work place to help with clean up. The video shows the woman walking across the store with a mop. Moments later, it shows the suspects come into the store. Police say they forced the woman to lie down on the floor facedown as they robbed her husband.

“She was begging for her life not to shoot because they have a family, kids,” said Whiteland Police Chief Rick Shipp.

One man stands in front of the counter with a gun pointed at the clerk while the other is behind the counter emptying out the cash register. You hear one say, “Where is the rest of the money at?”

The rest of the money was in the safe. Video footage shows the clerk struggling, trying to get it open.

One suspect demands, “Open it. Open it. Open the mother f—ing safe. Hurry up. OK. Hurry up. Don’t stall.”

“I’m not going to stall, man,” said the clerk.

The robbers gave the clerk just ten seconds to open it. They even started counting down, according to Chief Shipp.

“If he hadn’t opened the main safe, they was going to shoot either him or his wife,” said Chief Shipp.

But he couldn’t get it open, and so the suspects seemingly gave up. After the robbery they left. The clerk raced to the back door to set off the alarm. But, according to police, he was once again confronted by the men.

“The suspects had come around the back side where they had parked their vehicle and confronted him. He started to run away from them. As he was running away from them, they fired several shots at him, trying to hit him,” said Chief Shipp.

The robbers fired at least four shots, missing the clerk, who ran toward a grassy area behind the gas station.

“We’re very concerned because they will use the gun. They showed that by shooting at the clerk and trying to actually find where he was hiding at,” said Chief Shipp.

If you recognize the suspects or have any information that could help police in this investigation, call the Whiteland Police Department at 317-535-8100.

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