Carmel looks to lighten the load on Keystone Parkway

(WISH Photo)

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) – With the U.S. 31 project nearing completion, city of Carmel officials are looking to lighten the load on one busy stretch of road.

Driving along I-465, it’s easy to spot the big rigs. But as they make their way westbound, there’s something else hard to miss as a Carmel exit approaches.

It’s a sign telling truckers driving a rig that weighs more than 19,500 pounds can no longer take Keystone Parkway in Carmel.

But it’s a warning we saw several drivers miss. We rode along with a Carmel officer as they’ve started to stop semi-drivers who continue to use the parkway.

“This is my little shortcut,” said the truck driver.

“This will no longer be a shortcut for you,” Carmel officer Anna Flaming said.

That wasn’t the only driver. In a matter of minutes, the officer stopped another semi.

“This is the way I was running since they’ve had that construction,” a truck driver said. “I didn’t know I couldn’t take Keystone.”

“It’s open now, so we’re just letting you guys all know you have to push everything to 31,” Officer Flaming said.

“I mean, it kind of sucks that they’re getting pulled over because of it but it’s going to be good for everyone else,” Carmel resident Sydney Clark said. “I think it’ll ease the flow of traffic too.”

“I guess I understand that everything has probably been more cramped on Keystone, but quite honestly, it splits anyway, so I’m not really sure why they would require that they’re not allowed to use Keystone,” Carmel resident Jane Voss said.

This doesn’t mean all semi-trucks are going to be removed from the stretch of road. As long as drivers are making local deliveries in Carmel, they’re still allowed to use it.

Although drivers are being pulled over, officers aren’t writing tickets yet. Right now, they’re giving warnings but could issue a ticket of up to $500.

As for U.S. 31, work isn’t complete, despite trucks being forced to take it. INDOT officials said Friday, they’re getting close and hope to have it finished by August.

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