Brown Co. police continue to investigate after school gun threat

Police lights
(WANE Photo)

BROWN COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – Police are continuing to investigate after Brown County schools were on a partial lockdown May 13 after a gun threat.

According to our partner at the Brown County Democrat, junior high and high schools were placed on secured facility status after an officer received a tip that a student may have brought a gun to school.

Nashville Police Chief Ben Seastrom said a gun was never found on the school property. He called the suspect a credible person.

A secured facility status is when school and classroom doors are locked and students’ freedom is restricted, but otherwise the school day goes as normal.

Police received the tip around 1:30 p.m., then went to the junior high and informed the school staff, Seastrom said.

The student accused of bringing the gun to school, left with family members before police arrived. The student did not threaten a specific student or teacher.

The student was not arrested and no charges have been filed.

Some parents expressed their frustrations about not being informed of the situation on social media.

Superintendent David Shaffer said parents were not notified right away because there was not a direct threat to students.

“If we send out the notification, then we’re going to have a lot of inquiries, and our people who are trying to manage the building are going to be dealing with inquiries and a lot of repeat of information — which I’m not sure that doesn’t compromise the safety of the whole circumstance,” Shaffer said.

“I think we were being cautious and probably cautious to the point of, I think, being very, very prudent. You do that when you get some kind of a tip, notification of this. Lots of times we get tips about things and they don’t amount to be much.”

“I am sorry if some people were unhappy about it, but I think at the same time, there was no threat that apparently transpired and certainly not from the investigation,” Shaffer said.


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