Court docs: Borrowed cellphone leads to child sex charges

Booking photo shows Jessica McCain. (Photo Provided/Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office)

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — A Lafayette woman is charged after a borrowed cellphone turns up a sexual video of her with a victim around 1 years old, court documents state.

Prosecutors charged Jessica McCain, 23, with child molesting and other charges following an investigation.

Lafayette police were contacted Sunday, May 29 in regards to a child molesting incident. The relative told police that she lent her cellphone to McCain the previous day. After getting her phone back, she was looking through it and came upon a video taken the previous day.

Court documents state the video, also viewed by police, showed McCain performing oral sex on the victim. The child was identified as being born in 2015, making the child at most a little more than 1 year old.

When police confronted McCain about the video, she admitted to officers she performed the sexual act on the child and recorded the video on the borrowed cellphone.

McCain was taken to the Tippecanoe County Jail.

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