New app brings fitness trainer to you

It’s the “Uber” of personal training! MeUndo allows mobile app users to look for local personal trainers at their own time, with their own cost budget and in the comfort of their home, office, or destination of choice. With over 64% of people with Gym Memberships not utilizing them the market is demanding an alternative more personalized service and MeUndo enters and delivers.

MeUndo Creater Jean Paul tells us more!

Each personal trainer will have a profile with their professional information, pictures, videos, pricing, reviews and ratings. Based on their preferences, users can select the trainer they will like to work with and arrange
a session in the comfort of their homes,
offices or a public setting. The app will have a timer to track professionals and users’ sessions, payment method with build-in security methods for users, and a rating feature for users to evaluate their personal trainers.

MeUndo is the brain child of successful entrepreneur Jean Paul who has a degree in Law and a strong passion for business. The idea came to him when he was jogging and talking business with his former partner. It all of a sudden dawned on him that there was a gap in the fitness and mobile market and many would people including businessmen and women, students and stay-at-home parents would benefit from this app.

The average price for the personal training service will vary between $50 and $300 per hour session. Users can enjoy individual sessions as well as group exercises. The revenue model will be as followed, the app will take 25% of each transaction, the rest will be for the professionals using the application

MeUndo mobile app is available for IOS and Andriod.


Meundo Your FITNESS is 100% MENTAL And Now, there is NO Excuse NOT to TRAIN. With MeUndo you can have a certified trainer come to you wherever you are. Whether you’re on Vacation, your lunch break or at home, MeUndo provides you with a platform to book a trainer anywhere, anytime and any place. Why choose Meundo WE PROVIDE A PLATFORM LIKE NO OTHER. Our team of worldwide trainers are available and in your area when you want. Meundo allows you to add some variety to your daily routine by enabling you to get professional training no matter your location. Decrease stress levels and improve your body. Improve muscle definition. Enhance your posture. Boost your core strength. Virtually Any Time and anywhere-No Gym Needed.