Severe storms damage homes in Carmel

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CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — A second day of severe weather caused some damage across central Indiana, including in Carmel.

Some residents saw downed power lines and trees after the severe storms Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters from Carmel Fire responded to more than two dozen calls, but said they saw the most significant damage when a tree crashed into a family’s home.

It happened in the 300 block of Terrents Court in Carmel. Firefighters said they’re not sure what caused the tree to snap, whether it was a lightning strike or straight line winds.

Some people living in the neighborhood near West Main Street and Spring Mill Road spent the late afternoon cleaning up the mess from the severe storms.

“I came home to find several trees down in my backyard,” said Stacey Simerman. “We have about 70 mature trees and there’s been some significant damage in our backyard as well.”

Simerman has lived in this neighborhood for about three years. She said her damage was bad, but nothing compared to her neighbor’s home.

“I’m scared to death of high winds and lightning anyway, and to see that my first thought was ‘Lord i just pray that everyone in that home is safe,'” she said.

Carmel Fire responded to the call around 1:00 p.m. when a massive tree crashed into the family’s two story house. Firefighters said a woman was home at the time with her child. Both made it out safely and had no injuries.

“Everybody was okay which was great. You know that’s the most important thing always,” said Tim Griffin, who is a firefighter for the Carmel Fire Department.

Griffin said he knew it was going to be a busy day as the storms moved in.

“As the storm hits,” he said, “the trucks start rolling.”

Griffin said they responded to calls for downed trees and power lines, which can be very dangerous for homeowners.

“Especially if they’re live, we want to make sure that you stay in your house. Don’t go out and check those, that’s what we’re here for,” he said.

In one hour, he said the department responded to 25 calls.

“We’re very fortunate that everything went really smoothly. That’s a testament to dispatch and their training and the training that we do leading up to events today,” Griffin explained.

24-Hour News 8 have not been able to contact the family, who lives at the damaged home. Again, firefighters said everyone made it out safely.

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