Suspect announcement gives residents sense of hope for justice

Police say this man is a suspect in the murder of two Delphi teens. (Provided Photo/ISP)

DELPHI, Ind. (WISH) — Indiana State Police are now saying the man pictured walking the trails near where two 13-year-old girls were last seen is a suspect in their murder investigation.

The people of Delphi are still very shaken up about this tragedy.

For many, the announcement of a suspect gives them new hope that the person responsible might be caught and held accountable.

The people of Delphi have become familiar with the picture of an unidentified man photographed near the murder scene.

But Sunday that picture got new meaning when the man was identified as the main suspect.

“Even though I didn’t know either one of them, I didn’t sleep for three days, I can’t even imagine if it were my own,” resident, Dawn Hennig said, “I’m happy that they are finally narrowing it down to a suspect.”

“I think it’s good, I think it shows good progress on their part,” resident, Joshua Flora said.

Residents hope this new lead gives the families some solace in their grief and pain.

“I think it helps them put a face to it,” Flora said.

“The whole thing is heartbreaking and I just want them to catch them,” Hennig said.

Hennig said she doesn’t recognize the man, but thinks he might be from the area.

“My personal opinion is it would have to be someone local because not everybody knows about those trails back there,” she said.

Flora doesn’t recognize the man either, but hopes the new importance of the picture will give everyone in town a way they can help.

“The people on Facebook post stuff and they really don’t know what to say, they want to help, and now that this photo’s out there, they can spread it and feel like they’re helping out more,” he said.

“I wish somebody would come forward, I know the guy probably wouldn’t, but if he’s innocent you’d think he would,” she said.

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