Mother, children kidnapped and kept in shack for 5 days

Mother, children kidnapped and kept in shack for 5 days. (Provided Photo/KHON)

(KHON) – Three people have been charged for kidnapping a Hawaii Island mother and her three young children.

Court documents released Monday revealed three suspects were arrested for the incident, including the children’s father, 30-year-old Israel Allen Chapson.

Police say the victims were lured to meet Chapson after he requested to see his kids.

The 25-year-old mother says she and her children were held against their will for five days in a shack in Mountain View.

“There were no facilities, no toiletries, no food, unless it was given to them by the captors,” said Captain Randall Medeiros, Hawaii Police Department.

The victim describes in the court documents as being “tapped” on her temple with a hammer by Chapson, her estranged boyfriend.

Two of her children also made statements. Her 8-year-old son said he was “struck with a belt to his back” and her 6-year-old son said he “thought he would die if he did not escape.”

Police say the four of them managed to escape when the suspects weren’t paying attention. They ran to the closest road and flagged down a driver for help.

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